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"I love dese thingos! So do my clients!"
-  joeltron (Opal Heart)
"I did used some of those, and so fare ( 1 year later ) I'm very happy on how they are doing on my customers.

I'm fun of this Macrodernals, because of how they heal on customers, and also because are way more stables than most of the traditional Microdermal concepts. I wish it will be easier to find on market. In my opinion they should be make in 3 different rise: 1,5 mm, 2mm and 2,5 mm. "
-  Bruno MA - (Ghirigori Family)
"I have 4 of these, 1 of which is almost 2 1/2 years old, the other 3 are almost 2 years old and in a 'high impact' area. I had a different brand before these 4 and all of the rejected, only 1 out of 7 lasted over a year. These macrodermal bases healed faster, feel a lot more stable, and I haven't had an issue. Insertion was no different pain wise or time wise when compared to the smaller bases I had previously.

All in all I would recommend these bases to any piercer that would like to provide their clients with a more stable and longer lasting piercing. I'd also highly recommend them to clients that have previously had a low success rate with other brands and style bases in the past."
-  Emily Webb - (client)
"Ive been using these guys since J-tron developed them, absolutely fantastic product and I couldn't be happier with the design quality and heal time. Much sturdier design than microdermals, a lot more durable (they don't need to be a babied as microdermals do). I use a the standard macrodermal insertion methods and they work absolutely great!!

I would suggest this product to any professional piercer who is looking to up their “dermal” game and wants to see some high durability! I have some of these that are 3-4 years old fully healed, looking super flush just like the day they got em!!!"
-  Spooky Graves (At Peace Body Arts)
"Been using these since the 2013 APP conference and I've not been disappointed. Insertion is a breeze and with the "shoehorn" notch, tucking these in is just as easy. Long term and Short term I've noticed a drastic difference compared to the traditional microdermals and so have my clients who have had both.

Short and Simple. I love em'. You will too"
-  Seven Davis - (The Reverend Seven)
"I love this design. Easy to use and sturdy as can be. I have been having tremendous success especially in higher movement areas. They are a bit larger than many other designs so I was initially concerned with insertion and removal but with a few tweaks to my technique (and I actually use a slightly different insertion technique than Joel) they go in with ease and sit like a charm. I also enjoy how they don't need babied nearly as much once they've settled and healed."
-  Twitch[ARD] (Artisan Piercing Boutique)
"I absolutely love the Macro Dermal design, I've had two of them put in by Joeltron Bament last year and they sit amazingly, I've had some great friends come in and get a few and they all are healing wonderfully!

>I can't wait for them to become more available, I already have a ton of clients asking and begging for them!"
-  Dustin Bastian - (Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo)
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